Career Profile

Software professional with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry , having experience in cloud technologies . Skilled in Python, Agile Methodologies, Devops and SRE practices. Strong engineering professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani.


Senior Site Reliability Engineer

2018 - Present

1. Leading the Site Reliability Engineering efforts on Monitoring , Logging , Upgrade , Incident Management, Feature Development etc. on our Kubernetes PAAS Solution

2. Developing custom monitoring solutions for platform monitoring , uptime

3. Feature development, enhancements for the Kubernetes PAAS platform

4. On Call activities, Incident management and Postmortem efforts for the platform

5. Leading and owning Pre and Post Deployment Validation , automated testing efforts

6. Leading One Click Deployment of PAAS Infrastructure , auto-remediation / repairing of Infrastructure.

Senior Software Engineer - Site Reliability Engineering / Devops

2018 - 2018

1. Lead and developed the culture of SRE within the Organisation, implemenation of Automated Incident Management across services

2. Lead Migration of Compute and Storage Services from AWS onto Azure

3. Wrote Custom Monitoring Integration of Applications and Infrastructure ( on Cloud and on DC ) with Datadog

Senior Member of Technical Staff - Site Reliability Engineering

2012 - 2018
Adobe Systems India Pvt. Limited

1. Co-ordinating and Collaborating Multi Geo efforts across different SAAS product teams in Digital Marketing Business Unit

2. Lead Post and Pre-Deployment automated testing for SAAS products of Digital Marketing Business Unit

3. Lead and completely owned the Nightly Performance Automation framework for the Performance Engineering Team

4. Managed Feature escalation from support / customers and driving the respective fixes.

5. Ensuring Production Service availability with maximum uptime for SAAS products in Digital Marketing Business Unit.

6. Defining service SLA / SLOs of services

7. Lead development of tools,automation to facilitate production system uptime and achieving product SLA

8. Lead and owned projects and tools for migrating infrastructure from the DC to Cloud Vendors

9. System Monitoring,Infra and application monitoring / logging ,Incident Management and resolution , Infra Capacity Management .

10. Troubleshooting and triaging operational and application issues and fixing them within the defined SLA.

11. Writing up control scripts for new processes, defining SOPs for services.

12. Lead production upgrades / updates / patching efforts.

13. Lead the creation and optimization of deployment / upgrade pipelines of products : A step towrads one click deployments


Majority of the projects I did are for personal learning . I have published the projects Source code onto Github and Bitbucket.

Scripter - Set of General Utility Scripts Designed in Pyhton ,PHP and Java. It aims at capturing daily needs of developers
NewsBurner - News Burner is an Android App to view the RSS Feeds from the popular news websites, with the capability of Searching and filtering in the app.
Mgranthi - MGranthi is an Android App that has in it the various parts of Guru Granth Sahib in Pdf Format ,which are bundled with the application .
Atlassian Confluence Page Test Case Framework - This repo was part of Atlassian Recruitment Exercise which involved automating User workflows in confluence
Spotify Desktop App Test Case Framework - This repo was part of Spotify Recruitment Exercise which involved automating User Workflows in Spotify's Desktop Application

Skills & Proficiency


AWS ( Architecting Solutions on Public Cloud )


Docker and Containers

Site Reliability Engineering Practices / Devops

Infrastructure Monitoring , Alerting , Dashboarding and Logging

Incident Management Practices and DR Stratergies for Infrastructure

Infrastructure Capactiy Planning and Cost Optimization